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Chief Judge

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Clerk of Court

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The United States District Court for the Western District of Michigan has installed electronic evidence presentation equipment in the courtroom of Judge Gordon Quist, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

This evidence presentation equipment allows for the projection of evidence on a large screen mounted on the wall across from the jury box.  This technology will eliminate the cumbersome process of handling paper evidence, and allow a trial to proceed much more efficiently.

Counsel planning to use the equipment are encouraged to contact the court well in advance of their court proceeding to inquire about training and practice sessions. Practice sessions and testing of the equipment must occur prior to the day of a scheduled court appearance, as the courtroom and court staff will not be available for that purpose on the day of the proceeding.

The Court strongly encourages counsel to take advantage of the benefits of this equipment.



The courtroom contains the following equipment:

  • Counsel tables, containing:

    • Microphones

    • Laptop Connection

  • Lectern.  The lectern is mobile and equipped with a laptop connection, work space and a microphone.

  • Witness Stand.  The witness stand is equipped with a laptop connection and a microphone.

  • Hearing Assistance System. Wireless headphones are available for use by the hearing impaired, or for language interpretation.

Additional Equipment and Information

  • A cordless hand-held microphone and a cordless lapel microphone are available.

  • Evidence Presentation Software. To make effective use of the evidence presentation system, counsel may want to consider purchasing a presentation software package. The court does not endorse any particular software package, but offers the following information for your reference.

  • In addition, documents can be presented without special software.



Contact us at:  Courtroom Technology Information


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