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LGenR 2.1 Attorney admission to practice

2.1      Attorney admission to practice

  1. Applicant eligibility - An attorney may apply for admission to the bar of the court if the attorney:
    1. has been admitted to practice before a court of record of a state;
    2. is in good standing with that court of record of a state;
    3. is of good moral and professional character.
  2. Admission procedure - An applicant must pay the fee established by the court and provide the clerk of court with a completed application for admission as found on the court's website.
  3. Government attorneys - An attorney representing the United States, an agency of the United States, or representing a party as Federal Public Defender, is exempt from the fee payment, but must otherwise follow the admission procedure under LGenR 2.1(b).
  4. Admission - The Chief Judge may grant or deny the application for admission. Alternatively, the Chief Judge may refer the application to a three-judge panel for decision pursuant to the procedure identified on the court's website.
  5. Law student practice - A law student may appear before the court pursuant to the procedure established by this court and found on the court's website.
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January 1, 2019