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Request an Excuse or Deferral

If you have not completed your questionnaires via eJuror, you must do so prior to submitting your request.

Excuse Requests
A request to be excused from jury service must be received by the Jury Department no later than 5 days before the start of your jury term. Excuse requests will be reviewed and decided by a federal judge. You will be notified one a decision is made. You are not considered excused until you are notified. If denied, you will have an opportunity to explain your concerns in person to a judge when/if you are request to report for a jury selection.


  • Excuse requests cannot be processed over the telephone.
  • We cannot accept excuse requests submitted by employers on behalf of jurors.
  • If you are requesting to be excused for a medical reason and are working, your doctor's statements must indicate why you are able to work but not able to serve on a jury.
  • While you are "on call" for four weeks, prospective jurors call in once each week for reporting instructions and usually only appear once during the term for selection.

Partial Excuses
A juror who is unavailable on specific dates during their term (e.g. vacation, doctor's appointment, etc.) may qualify to be partially excused for those days. Please indicate the specific dates you are unavailable (you may be asked to provide supporting documentation). You will be notified if a partial excuse is granted.

Jurors may have their jury service postponed no more than two times, after which they must either submit an excuse request (and be approved) or serve their term. This option is typically used for college students, seasonal employment, new mothers, and those recovering from serious medical procedures. You will be notified if your deferral request is granted and will be provided with the new date. You will be re-summoned and will need to complete new questionnaires.

How to Submit a Request
Questionnaires MUST be completed in eJuror (or via paper questionnaire) before submitting any request.

Requests for excuses or deferrals may be submitted using one of the following methods.


  • In eJuror — complete the questionnaires, then select an excuse option within eJuror
  • In eJuror — complete the questionnaires, then send your own email to
  • In eJuror — complete the questionnaires, then submit the online form (link below)
  • Mail your written request (with your completed paper questionnaire) to:
    Jury Department, U.S. District Court
    110 Michigan NW, 399 Federal Building
    Grand Rapids, MI 49503

General questions regarding jury service may be emailed to

Click Here to Access the Web Form to Request an Excuse or Deferral