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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information for Jurors

Updated August 25, 2021

All of our court locations are conducting regular business in accordance with CDC Covid-19 guidelines, to the extent practicable.  In some situations, there may be less social distancing than the CDC currently recommends.  In all Western District of Michigan locations, the General Services Administration (GSA) is currently requiring facial coverings in common areas for all individuals regardless of vaccination status.   All jurors instructed to report to these locations should do so with a facial covering until further notice.  Each judge will make mask and social distancing decisions for his or her courtroom.  Where not required, jurors may elect to wear a facial covering if so desired, regardless of vaccination status.

Potential jurors who have been summoned for an upcoming term of service should complete the questionnaires as instructed and anticipate reporting in person at least once during their term.

Once questionnaires are completed, requests to be deferred to a later date or excused from jury service entirely must be submitted through our website or as indicated on the back of the summons form.  All excuse requests (other than those submitted by participants over age 70) will be reviewed and decided by a federal judge.  Until notified of a decision, potential jurors should continue to check for their reporting instructions.

Bottled water and individually packaged light refreshments will be provided on jury selection days.  Jurors are welcome to bring their own snack or sack lunch when reporting for jury service.  An insulated lunch bag is recommended.

If you have misplaced or never received your summons form, please call the Jury Department at (800) 553-6050.