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Applications for Writs of Garnishment and Execution or Judgment Lein

When a document is e-filed using one of the following events, which are found under Other Filings  >>  Garnishment Documents:

  •     Request for Writ of Garnishment
  •     Request for Writ of Execution
  •     Notice of Judgment Lien (Proposed)

the system will prevent notice from being distributed for a period of fourteen days.  The Notice of Electronic Filing (NEF) that is generated at the end of the transaction will lack the service information that it normally includes, because service upon other counsel will not occur.   Additionally, after the document is e-filed, it will not appear on the docket (although it will be accessible to the appropriate court personnel).   Upon receipt of the application, the deputy clerk will issue the writ or certify the notice of judgment lien on paper as appropriate, and will return the issued paper document to the filing attorney via U.S. Mail.  No notice will be generated from CM/ECF at the time the writ is issued or the notice is certified.   At the expiration of fourteen days, an entry will be made to the docket by a deputy clerk which will serve  all counsel with all documents previously filed.