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Clearing Cache

Cache is a storage facility for temporary Internet files that your computer is designed to maintain.  Pages you view are stored in the cache for quicker viewing later, which is a workload and time saver for your computer.  Instead of doing the work of accessing a page on the Internet that you have visited before, your computer is designed to display to you what you saw last time (it pulls the temporary Internet file for that site from your cache and displays it to you).  On occasion, particularly with respect to e-filing, cache may need to be cleared; you may have been advised to do so by our CM/ECF Help Desk staff.

To clear the cache on your windows computer, hold down the Ctrl and Shift buttons on your keyboard, and click (once) the Delete button.  Release the Ctrl and Shift buttons.  For Mac users, it is Command-Shift-Delete.  A small window will appear on your screen.   Depending on the browser, the small window may be titled "Delete Browsing History,"  "Clear All History" or something similar.   Review the list of items presented and de-select any that you do not wish to clear.  Ensure that cache is selected as an item to be cleared.  Depending on the browser, cache may be referred to by an alternate name such as "temporary Internet files."  Press the Clear button as prompted.

If you were logged in to the CM/ECF system at the time you cleared the cache on your browser, it is expected that you will have to log back into the CM/ECF system.


I am clearing cache often.  Can I somehow prevent this?

Note that if you are experiencing difficulties that require you to the clear the cache often, you might consider having your Technical Support review the browser settings on your computer.  There are settings that determine how often the browser takes a fresh look at Internet pages.  For those support staff that work for more than one attorney using the same computer, it may be advantageous to set the selection to take a fresh look on every visit to the page.  By taking a fresh look every time a page is accessed, your computer is less likely to become confused between the different logins (which may be the reason you need to clear the cache in the first place).


For further assistance, contact the ECF Help Desk at or by phone at (800) 290-2742.