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LCivR 10.7 Sealed cases

10.7      Sealed cases - The court may enter an order sealing an entire civil case file only if:

  1. sealing is required by statute or court rule, or
  2. sealing is justified by a showing of extraordinary circumstances and the absence of narrower feasible and effective alternatives (such as sealing discrete documents or redacting specific information), such that sealing an entire case file is a last resort.

Any order sealing an entire case file under LCivR 10.7(b) must contain specific findings justifying sealing. The order may be vacated on motion of any party or on the court’s own motion when the reason for sealing has ended. Government attorneys of record in miscellaneous cases involving grand jury matters will be afforded remote electronic access to the miscellaneous case.

Date Last Modified: 
January 1, 2019