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LCivR 83.1 Certification of issues to state courts

83.1      Certification of issues to state courts - Upon motion or after a hearing ordered by the judge sua sponte, the court may certify an issue for decision to the highest court of the state whose law governs any issue, claim or defense in the case. An order of certification shall be accompanied by written findings that: (a) the issue certified is an unsettled issue of state law; (b) the issue certified will likely affect the outcome of the federal suit; and (c) certification of the issue will not cause undue delay or prejudice. The order shall also include citation to authority authorizing the state court involved to resolve certified questions. In all such cases, the order of certification shall stay federal proceedings for a fixed time, which shall be subsequently enlarged only upon a showing that such additional time is required to obtain a state court decision. In cases certified to the Michigan Supreme Court, in addition to the findings required by this rule, the court must approve a statement of facts to be transmitted to the Michigan Supreme Court by the parties as an appendix to briefs filed therein.

Date Last Modified: 
January 1, 2019