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Local Rules of Practice and Procedure

Preface to the 2019 Edition:  On January 1, 2019, the following local rules became effective.  These rules are a comprehensive review, amendment and revision of the local rules which have been effective since June 1, 1998.  The rules now have a general section which are rules that apply to all matters in this court.  In addition, there are local civil rules and local criminal rules.  The rules have been revised to make greater use of the court's website to provide information to attorneys and the public.  Local civil rules and local criminal rules have been assigned numbers which best correspond to the numbering scheme of the Federal Rules of Civil and Criminal Procedure.  Local general rules have been assigned numbers consecutively.     

Hon. Hala Y. Jarbou, Chief Judge • Hon. Paul L. Maloney, Judge • Hon. Robert J. Jonker, Judge
• Hon. Jane M. Beckering, Judge •  Hon. Janet T. Neff, Judge

Local General Rules

Table of Contents (LGenR)

Local Civil Rules

Table of Contents (LCivR)

Local Criminal Rules

Table of Contents (LCrR)


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