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Media Inquiries

Information Related to the Public Docket

Media should first refer to PACER for information related to the public docket. Note that Deputy Clerks may only provide the media with a copy of a public document or information from the public docket, which can normally be found on PACER. If you need assistance with PACER related questions, you may contact one of the four Clerk's Offices located in Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Lansing, or Marquette.

Inquiries beyond this should be referred to this email box:


Monitor Activity in a Case(s) - Media Noticing Account

The Western District of Michigan uses Media Noticing Accounts to allow media professionals to receive automatic Notices of Electronic Filing (NEFs) in selected cases.   To establish an account, review the information regarding prerequisites and instructions to establish an account.


Attending Court Proceedings

Members of the press who present official credentials satisfactory to the U.S. Marshals Service, are permitted to carry and use electronic devices within the federal court facilities.  Refer to Administrative Order 19-RL-009 on the designated areas for use of electronic communication devices.  All electronic communication devices must be turned off while in the courtroom.

"Electronic communication devices" are defined in the Local Rules as cellular telephones, laptop computers, and other communication devices capable of transmitting data, video or audio electronically using cellular, wireless, or other means.

Per LGenR 4.1(c) recording of any proceeding is prohibited.  In addition, the taking of photographs or audio or video recordings is also prohibited.


Additional Resources

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