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Referencing the Court Record / PageID Cite Form

Local Civil Rule 10.9 and Local Criminal Rule 49.11 require registered attorneys to include reference to pages in the record by PageID.  The PageID is located in the blue document header of all electronically filed documents, applied by the electronic case filing system at the time of filing.  It is a sequential pagination of the entire District Court record, uniquely identifying each page.

To reference a page in the record by PageID, it is important to follow the PageID Cite Form:

                                          PageID Cite Form

To reference Cite form example
A single page PageID.234
Multiple sequential pages PageID.234-235
Multiple pages that are not in succession PageID.234, 238, 245

Additionally, any filing that references a portion of a different Western District of Michigan case record shall be preceded with the 13-digit case number for that other case (e.g., 1:15-cv-99999 PageID.234).

References to the record by PageID, following the proper cite form, display to the reviewing judicial officer with an electronic link to the precise page of the record where the evidence is found.  If the proper cite form is not followed, no link will be present for the Court.  Failure to provide proper PageID citations may result in the rejection of the filing.

To refer to an attachment that is being filed contemporaneously with a main document (e.g., a brief with an attached exhibit) and also provide an electronic link to the exhibit for the reviewing judicial officer, refer to the attachment using the same description that is entered at the time of filing.

For additional details, refer to:

Administrative Order No. 16-MS-017, Referencing the Court Record

Administrative Order No. 16-MS-018, Social Security Appeal Cases