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Representing Yourself

Pro Se E-Filing

Effective February 1, 2018, under Administrative Order No. 17-RL-135, amendments to Local Civil Rules 5.7(d)(i) and (ii) and 5.7(i) governing electronic filing service were amended to provide an opportunity for a pro se (non-prisoner) party to electronically file and receive electronic service, following the Pro Se E-Filing and Service Protocol.


Pro Se E-Filing and Service Protocol


On a case by case basis, a judge may grant the privilege of electronic filing and service to a non-prisoner pro se party who requests permission to do so.  To be considered, the pro se litigant must complete and submit a Pro Se Application for Electronic Filing and Service.  By registering under this protocol, the pro se party is confirming they meet the technical requirements, consenting to electronic service, and waiving their right to service by mail under Local Civil Rule 5.7(i)(iii).  The judge may revoke permission to participate in electronic filing at any time.


Under the Electronic Filing tab on this website, there are a number of resources available to assist with e-filing.  Items such as rules and policies, references and other e-filing information,  as well as guidance for filing motions, briefs and attachments, and many more resources can be found there.


For other resources available to pro se litigants, click these links for the handbook, Filing Your Lawsuit in Federal Court  and Pro Se Forms.